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When we create a signature scent we do hand by hand with our clients. Together we create unforgettable scents that tell a story and complete the client brand image.
Each signature scent is a one-of-kind creation. With our unique creative process, we dream, design, and fashion iconic scents that connect brands with customers on an emotional level.
The signature scent may be experienced in various forms, from a scented environment using our scent diffusion technology or through a variety of scented products like reed diffuser, air fresheners etc.

Once the bespoke fragrance has been selected you will be provided with a certificate of exclusivity. The signature scent forms part of a brands intellectual property and is therefore implemented into corporate branding guidelines.

Whether you’re looking for a custom scent for your hotel, airline, retail store, automotive brand, event or high-end property, we offer a seamless experience from the creation of the fragrance to the advanced scent delivery technologies.